An intensive course in Malayalam by B.Syamala Kumari

By B.Syamala Kumari

Mainly on Tolkåappiyam, historical Tamil grammar, via Tolkåappiyar.

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Tanjore is her birth place. crunaio. [63(03 Sir, Tanjore is a very old city. o_l§6TT)(BOSna u . srmcrun That is my friend Rama's birth place too. DRILLS A. Repetition drill a. (jD,<>(Q-j(ssu3Ts>n5o 4 5 cnoroooQJ6ir>6)abo roiejcmooroo sruna" ag)cmo6TOu cue/loo) °oob§0 10 1 (arae§nD(OT3)i6ic0o 2 gcucsmoajta 63«u cncnracagj. c. 1 Geotuoejo am nnejcrxiDOCT) CDC/M)IB06TTOO. 2 cru03goj1s)nSo jscmmioejojo raronngj. 1 cisotuonii 6MB (inejcniDooD cncoraiiiosnD0. e. ^ > CT)i65BOo _]_ go > _|_ g o > • 6TO)Ooroo + ^> _J- g o ^>- + ^> • .

Jj| (mejoojogo I l l Rewrite the following sentences according t o the model. Model 6riS)O(DO6TOc 15 £D0CJU(U0D06rrao 2 610)00(5 <&>ejca)06nac. 3 4 7 foomoooj fspwj(t*|i||uT". t. IV Respond to the following questions. 2 \ I'. It I V Give one question each for the following statements. ' 'you' (second person singular well as plural) 'who' honorfiic as . )6m>o The structures of these sentence types are as follows. Noun/Pronoun+Noun/Pronoun+ 1 oruoaQ s>(3)£4B3° Sahu is a Telugu student. 1 a. Ca)05TTD°.

H e is R a m Rao, the Kannada teacher . However, please note that in a sentence the word that is immediately preceding (m6™" wi gets the extra emphasis. 5 Whenever the name is stated it is obligatory to add the quotative particle OL^CTO" ^ (It is the verbal participle of verb "3)ri* ^ 'to say') iBoooajoinji §g My name is Madhavan Pillai. -6 In natural speech it is very common in Malayalam to club together two or more words. 6 there will be changes in sounds due to different operations. Note the three important operations of such sandhi in the words that occur in the conversation of this lesson.

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