Alginic acid : chemical structure, uses and health benefits by Adrianna Moore

By Adrianna Moore

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Montero et al. swells and undergoes erosion within the intestinal fluid, resulting in the release of the encapsulated compounds. Bagheri et al. obtained antioxidant peptidic microparticles by spray-drying that carried a bioactive caffeine core, reinforced via coating with alginate [121]. Results demonstrated that ~ 37% of the peptidic nanoparticles encapsulated within the alginate microbeads were degraded after 1 h-gastric digestion, which means an improved stability for the peptide nanoparticles.

They used alginate hydrogels containing TAT-HSP27 and PLGA microspheres loaded with VEGF, and demonstrated that hypoxic stress was reduced and muscle was protected against degeneration and fibrosis [144]. Aorto-coronary vein bypass grafts can be affected by neointima formation and atherosclerosis. Huang et al. studied the effect of mesenchymal stem cells genetically modified and encapsulated in alginate beads in neointima process. Cell beads showed a reduced neointimal area and promoted collagen deposition [148].

In addition, VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) has been extensively exploited for therapeutic angiogenesis [112, 113]. In this work, authors demonstrated a rapid release of TAT-HSP27 before 7 days from alginate hydrogels. In contrast, VEGF was released from the encapsulated PLGA microspheres in a sustained way (until 28 days) varying the porous structures by bovine serum albumin. Thus, TAT-HSP27 release may firstly prevent early cellular apoptosis in the ischemic site while sustained VEGF release could stimulate new blood vessel formation.

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