Acquainted with the Night. A Celebration of the Dark Hours by Christopher Dewdney

By Christopher Dewdney

We arrange for it every one night, and spend part our lives in its embody, but evening keeps its mysteries. In conversant in THE evening, writer and poet Christopher Dewdney takes readers on a desirable trip throughout the nocturnal realm. Twelve chapters correspond to the twelve hours of an 'ideal' evening, beginning at 6pm and finishing at 6am, and function issues of departure for night's imperative issues; from sunsets, nocturnal animals, bedtime tales, fairs of the evening, fireworks, nightclubs, astronomy, sleep and goals, to the graveyard shift, girls of the evening, the artwork of evening, and unending nights. With boundless interest, a lyrical, intimate tone, and a mind for night-time beauties either common and artifical, Dewdney paints an enthralling portrait of the dead nights.

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Within the first hour after sundown, the first two stages of twilight are attained and watching their progress is a profoundly subtle experience. She comes! She comes! The sable throne behold Of Night primaeval, and of Chaos old! ALEXANDER POPE There is a park, just east of downtown Toronto, that is shaped like a big, flat-bottomed bowl. It has baseball diamonds on the bottom, and its edges are grassy slopes that form a natural amphitheater. I often meet there with a few friends at sunset during the summer, especially during spells of hot, clear weather.

After considering slaying their parents, the seventy gods began to push the sky apart from the earth physically, standing on one another's shoulders to stretch the sky even higher. It is then that the first light appeared, and accordingly, the first night. The Maori genesis myth, with its emphasis on an almost mechanical explanation for darkness, foreshadows the most recent explanation of night's origin, the scientific genesis. We humans are a practical lot, and science is one of the most practical tools we have yet devised.

Then, mysteriously, the first stars appear and nautical twilight has begun. Looking behind us, at the sunset, we can see only a glow now. The stars are suddenly appearing everywhere, and we begin our conversations again as we turn to leave the park. In less than thirty minutes we have passed from civil twilight into nautical twilight, and although astronomical twilight is still half an hour away, it seems, at least for us, that night has begun. Slowly the night blooms, unfurling Flowers of darkness, covering The trellised sky, becoming A bouquet of blackness FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS Tonight's Forecast Does night provide its own weather?

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