Above the Water Line by Joseph James

By Joseph James

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However, when you are learning basic principles, in the beginning it does not mean a lot even when you apply common sense. Common sense can only be applied on what you are told. The English language being what it is, one can understand, or be excused for, some of the clangers that are dropped day to day. I was told, “Fit all the gutter together matching it best you can” and boy I did just that with speed and confidence. Alas, all was wrong as I soon found out when the plumber stepped back on the job.

Well, without going into graphic detail, it must have been the motorbike with the longest, strangest name in history. The Pink Bloomers Poem We cut a hole out in the floor The heating pipes to fit Then we clambered in this hole With room enough to sit. One day when we were down the hole The pipework we were plumbing We heard some footsteps on the floor The lady she was coming. She strode the hole With no surprize She’d failed to see two pairs of eyes Which gladly gazed at pinken thighs. The eyes the thighs could only see Pink bloomers masked the rest I wonder what we would have seen If she had been undressed.

I am talking about pole ladders here, not extending ladders. Pole ladders are exactly as they sound, basically a large pole tapered off from the base to whatever height you want. It would be fastened together with stays and wire support fasteners, so it was not a question of lowering your ladders to reduce the height; you had it as it was. There were proper ways of lowering and erecting ladders, but if the wind caught them it had different ideas of how to drop a ladder. So was the case for this day, for as we moved the ladder the wind got hold of the top and, whoosh, over she went.

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