A Textbook on Algae by H. D. Kumar, H. N. Singh (auth.)

By H. D. Kumar, H. N. Singh (auth.)

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The seaweed meal is very nutritious because of its high vitamin and mineral content. The milk produced by cows that feed on such meals is richer in fat content than by those fed on conventional fodder. Likewise, hens fed with seaweed meal produce eggs rieh in iodine. The primary producers in aquatic habitats, incIuding the sea, are mainly algae and therefore algal metaboJism and productivity has a great bearing on the natural flora and fauna of the aquatic ecosystem. Nitrogenfixing blue-green algae maintain and regulate the nitrogen budget of aquatic habitats, and by excretion of fixed nitrogen into the surrounding water, aid the growth of other microorganisms in places where nitrogen is a limiting factor (Stewart, 1967).

TEST QUEST/ONS 1. Why is Chlorella preferred as a suitable substitute for conventional foods '1 2. What purpose do the bamboo net beds serve in Porphyra farming '1 3. The utilization of agar, alginate and carrageenin as food is restricted. Why'l 4. How do nitrogen-fixing blue-green algae serve to reclaim 'usar' lands '1 S. What factors determine a good manure '1 Suggest reasons for the superiority of algal manure over farmyard manure. 6. Do you think that growth of algae in water reservoirs, and water treatment and distribution systems, is to some extent helpful in improvina the pot ability ofwatcr '1 If so, give reasons.

Chlorella, Chlamydomonas, Scenedesmus and Euglena. These help in the bacterial decomposition of sewage by providing oxygen; in addition, they recover the mineral nutrients from sewage which would otherwise have been lost in the efHuent. Sewage algae have also been used as animal feed, as man ure, and for ingestion by fish fingerlings in fish ponds. The main limitation preventing a wider exploitation of sewage algae is the lack of a cheap and effective harvesting technique. NEGATIVE IMPORTANCE TOXICITY AND PARASIT15M Prymnesiumparvum, Gymnodinium veneficum and species of Microcystiscause mortality in fish, and in domestic animals that drink water infested with 46 A TEXTBOOK ON ALGAE these algae.

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