A Short Textbook of Physics: Not Involving the Use of Higher by Wilhelm H Westphal

By Wilhelm H Westphal

This booklet is a translation of the sixth to eighth version of the author's Kleines Lehrbuch der Physik. The circle of readers to which it hopes to allure and the author's function in writing it were set out within the Preface to the 1st German variation, released in 1948. the current booklet continually follows the foundations of the idea of amounts, the beginnings of which date again to James C. Maxwell. which means in all equations during this e-book the symbols continually stand for actual amounts and never for the numerical values of amounts. basically then are the equations gene rally legitimate and self reliant of the alternative of devices utilized in their assessment. The devices used are continually the "metric" devices that have been gaining floor more and more additionally within the English-speaking international locations. A conversion desk for a few of the extra very important Anglo-American devices is given on web page XIV. i need to checklist my honest gratitude to Mr. Ewald Osers for his pains­ taking paintings in making this translation and to Mr. P. C. Banbury, Ph. D., of the dep. of Physics, college of studying, England, either for the recommendation he has given hirn all through and for devising the issues particularly for this version.

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The mass of bodies is merely a measure of a particular form of energy peculiar to alt matter. The mere fact that a body has a mass m gives it an inherent potential energy of E=mc~. 1) In this equation Co = 3 X 10 10 cm S-l is the speed oflight in a vacuum (Section 191). The energy stored up in any body of mass 1 g thus has the enormous magnitude of 9 x 10 20 ergs=25 x 106 kWh, compared with the energy of only 1O- 2 kWh produced by the combustion of 1 g of coal. 1) its mass changes by the amount Llm 3 Westphal.

14. Three forces with parallellines of action in equilibrium If a compressional force of magnitude Facts perpendicularly upon an area A, being evenly distributed over it, the quotient of compressional force and area is known as the pressure p upon the area, or in the area: Pressure = Compressional force F , p = -. 1) Tension is defined analogously, and can be viewed as a negative pressure. In everyday language we frequently refer to pressure or tension when, according to our definition, we should be speaking of compressional or tensional force.

26 a). They will therefore collide - or, as we say, impinge m 'Oi b Fig. 26. Central impact of two equal masses: (a) before impact, (b) after fully elastic impact, (c) after fully inelastic impact - and after impact (in this case: central impact) they will continue to move along the same straight line with changed velocities. What we want to know is their velocities tl~ and tl~ after impact. 1) We will now examine two extreme (or so-called limiting) cases. ), but that, under the law of conservation of energy, the sum of their kinetic energies after impact is the same as before.

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