A Beginning Textbook of Lhasa Tibetan (with Audio) by Ellen Bartee, Nyima Droma

By Ellen Bartee, Nyima Droma

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Have you married? No, I have not married. Aah, How old are you this year? I am 30 years old. Atsi! When are you going to marry? I don't know. I don't have a boyfriend right now. Well, I have an acquaintance. Tomorrow I will introduce you. Thank-you, but tomorrow I have something to do. Then, later on... Never mind. It's a hassle, right? OK... 5H NO V NO NO 18. ^ ' 3 exclamation of surprise 19. I 3 ! to do (hon) verbalizer (see Lesson thirteen) NO" 2. T\ to do, verbalizer ( q S q past) 4. * C ' ^ ' §«J| to get married •** 2 0 .

10. ^ to look at 2 1 . ^ to be afraid 22. 11. ^ 12. Sfa'5f| ^ ^ to thirst to send, verbalizer 33 ^ sure, OK student SAY IT RIGHT: W\**'% is pronounced as ^ [lese] in Lhasa speech. Many words in Lhasa speech have a very light second syllable; ^ ^ ' ^ one of these and is often pronounced ^ is [les]. Listen to the way your teacher and the speaker on the tape says it. Remember that ^ is usually pronounced as ^ [wa]. ^ is pronounced ^ [fi]. GRAMMAR 33 'Verbalizers', particularly 3 ^ sixteen. 56 ^ ^ and $**], are covered in more detail in chapter I.

22 Questions that express who, what, when, where, why, how, and which. 23 In WH questions, ^ is often used when asking a person a direct question about themselves. It seems to take away some of the potential harshness of such a question. 38 B. Interrogative with the question particle ^ 1 pronoun + nationality C. Statement with the postposition24 pronoun + place name + + ^ ' / ^ + *^1 ^ ^ ^ + ^^i/ ^| V* D. Stating one's nationality pronoun nationality ^ / ^1 These patterns are based on the correspondence of person with verb marking in Tibetan.

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