1602, Tome 3 : Le nouveau monde by Greg Pak, Greg Tocchini

By Greg Pak, Greg Tocchini

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Outrepas: Journal 2002

(. .. ) ll faut un peu plus de temps, dites-vous. Mais il y a trente ans et plus que vous répétez cela, avec vos amis les Amis du Désastre. Et depuis le temps les choses n'ont pas l'air de s'arranger, malgré les assurances florides et solidement argumentées de vos specialists organiques, sociologues de cour et présidents d'associations subventionnées, futurs députés et ministres, carriéristes de (antiracisme.

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C. , 1898 (student edition)), 3-5. Evans, I. , 'Introduction', in Around the World in Eighty Days (Arco, 1967), 7-9 (points to Magasin pittoresque article as source). Farmer, Philip Jose, The Other Log of Phileas Fogg (New York Daw, 1973) (science fiction based on the mythological dimension of Verne's characters, considered as heroes of our time). Green, Alexander, 'Introduction', in Le Tour du monde en quatrevingts jours (Boston: D. C. Heath, 1926), xi-xviii (claims Verne as 'literary apostle of popular science').

The new valet,' he announced. A man of about thirty came in and bowed. ' 'Jean, if sir pleases—Jean Passepartout,* a nickname that has stuck with me and was first applied due to my natural ability to get out of scrapes. I consider myself an honest fellow, sir, but if truth be told I have had several occupations. I used to be a wandering singer and a circus rider; I was a trapeze artist like Leotard* and a tightrope walker like Blondin;* then I became a gymnastics instructor in order to make greater use of my skills; and lastly I was a sergeant in the Paris Fire Brigade.

Nevertheless, Phileas Fogg demanded an extraordinary punctuality and reliability from his one servant. That very day, 2, October, he had given notice to James Forster: the fellow had made the mistake of bringing in his shaving-water at a temperature of 84°F, rather than the statutory 86. Mr Fogg was even now expecting his successor, due to report between eleven and half past. Phileas Fogg sat squarely in his armchair, both feet together like a soldier on parade, hands firmly on knees, body erect, and head held high.

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